About the Content Marketing Writer

content marketing writer

On my journey as a content marketing writer, I’ve worked with brands of all sizes in the travel, hospitality and technology industries. I’ve used the influence of words to help companies build business and increase ROI. You might have seen some of these brands at the bottom of my home page.

Yes, I’ve earned a degree from a prestigious university, where I also worked as a journalist. But I think we both know, what’s more important now is your business communications–your blog posts, articles, web content, emails, landing pages and reports.

My Promise to You 

As a seasoned professional with a background in journalism and marketing, I’m committed to providing you with clear, consistent, compelling content that aligns with your metrics, analytics and sales goals. Since I’ve also worked as a Proofreader/Copyeditor, you won’t have to hire someone to correct my content.

Need some fresh ideas for your business communications and marketing initiatives?

Then let’s talk. I’d be happy to share my ideas and experience.


Stacy Sare Cohen

727.433.2460  stacy@stacysare.com.