Attract more inbound traffic with a solid
content marketing strategy 

In today’s digital landscape, successful content marketing strategists needs to have a solid plan. It has to be strategic, based on metrics and focus on the customer first. Effective content marketing writers call this customer-centric marketing.

Engage, educate, delight

Whether your site guest is a first time visitor reading a blog post, an email subscriber viewing a new landing page offer or a long time customer considering a larger purchase, your content needs to compel at every stage of the buyer’s journey. 

Meet the content marketing strategist 

content marketing strategist marketing writer

I’m Stacy Sare Cohen, a Tampa Florida-based Content Marketing Writer. My role is to help clients increase their inbound traffic with relevant content marketing. I achieve this in several ways, depending on the needs of my client.

Sometimes through creating digital marketing. Other clients hire me for developing editorial calendars with click worthy articles or performing data analytics and measurement strategies for SEO and SEM. I use a variety of tools available to get an accurate perspective of the opportunities available.

I begin with your buyer persona

First and foremost, I start with your buyer personas by creating a profile for folks who would benefit from your products.This is key for creating remarkable content that’s relevant to their lives.

Have a question about marketing? Feel free to contact me at stacysare@gmail.com 
or call 727.433.2460. I’m always happy to share what I know.