Attract more visitors with a solid
content marketing strategy 

In today’s digital landscape, content marketing needs to have a solid plan and smart execution. Your messaging has to be customer-focused, engaging, driven by data and promoted wisely to provide value and relevance for your audience. Do this right and you increase customer engagement, build trust and motivate prospects to act, putting more guests in your hotel rooms, diners in your restaurants, cruisers in your cabins and customer purchase orders in your business’s product or service checkout cart.

Engage, educate, delight

Whether you’re creating an article to improve brand awareness, email marketing to build trust, or a landing page to drive quality leads, your content needs to educate and compel at every stage of the buyer’s journey, from attraction to decision. Nurture your lead with the right words backed by thoughtful action and you’ve converted a lead into a customer or delighted a returning guest.

content marketing writer Meet the content marketing writer

Hello. I’m Stacy Sare Cohen, the experienced Content Marketing Writer. I generate original ideas and content marketing for the travel, hospitality and technology industries.

You can hire me to:

  • Write click-worthy blog posts for your social marketing promotion and distribution
  • Drive and nurture leads for your landing pages and email campaigns
  • Improve brand awareness with compelling content for your publications
  • Pitch industry trade magazines and write reports to build thought leadership
  • Increase site traffic with SEO-enhancing website content

I live in the Tampa/St. Petersburg/Clearwater metropolitan area, but I work with businesses on all points of the compass. Some of the brands you’ll recognize. Others you won’t see because I’m also a ghostwriter.

Back to you: creating content from your
buyer personas

If we decide to work together, we’ll discuss the content you need, the problems you want to solve, your purpose for the project and what action you want your prospect to take. Next, we’ll discuss your buyer personas and outline their background, roles, demographics, goals, pain points and challenges.

This enables me to produce relevant content that matters to your readers and moves them further down the sales funnel.

Have a question about content marketing or want to discuss your project? Feel free to contact me at stacy@stacysare.com or 727.433.2460.

Now let’s increase your online visibility and generate leads that move up the sales funnel.

content marketing writer and strategist