How to sell in today’s digital age

In today’s digital world, we need to engage readers. We need to build trust. We need to understand what matters to our customers. And when we take the time to create relevant, valuable information free from jargon, our prospects naturally want to connect with us.

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Your success matters to me

Hello. I’m Stacy Sare Cohen, an experienced Content Marketing Writer, Copywriter, and Blogger. I use the power and influence of words to build relationships and increase business revenue. I’ve helped customers drive traffic to their website and sell their products and services by creating SEO-friendly content that’s free from jargon, to the point, and compels readers to act.

You can hire me to:

  • Create content topic ideas that earn likes, tweets, and shares
  • Manage your editorial calendar
  • Develop lead-nurturing landing page copy and emails
  • Write compelling content for your online and print publications
  • Pitch trade magazines with news-worthy topics to build your thought leadership

Want to discuss an upcoming project? Feel free to contact me at stacy@stacysare.com or 727.433.2460.

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